NoTalkRadio #13: Guillermo Cides - Quincy A.T.S.O.S. - smoovejazz - Randy Coleman - André Müller

18.08.06, 12:00:00 by notalkradio einem Intro von Guillermo Cides:

Guillermo Cides: Primitivo

The Stick is a mix of an electric guitar and a bass, that is positioned diagonally on the chest of the performer and played by pressing the strings with the fingers of both hands at the same time, with a pianistic concept, transforming the musician into a sonorous tactile percussionist. In the decade of the 90s appeared the first concertists and Stick solo recordings, and Cides was one of the most active performers with his albums «El mundo interior de los planetas», «Primitivo» and the brilliant «The Bach Tribute», completely played with the Stick. As one of the few exponents of this instrument in the world, he has played as an artist guest in concer of Roger Hodgson (Supertramp); Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Jethro Tull; Fish (Marillion), John Wetton (Asia, U.K.); Rick Wakeman (Yes); Trey Gunn (King Crimson), and has also toured world wide offering his own shows. | Video | Press Kit (engl., PDF 272 KB)

Quincy & The Saints of Somewhere: Fool

After years of fine-tuning his writing and orchestration skills, the main songwriter for the group St. Somewhere has stepped into the forefront to bring to life his musical ideas, exactly how they were meant to be heard. With an overwhelmingly poignant grasp of his musical voice, he is able to express exactly how he feels with a resonating overtone of the wisdom that only true life can bring. | garageband/stsomewhere What U Want

Re-defining the "groove" in Smooth Jazz - We are just a couple of cats who love music. We bring you straight R&B, Funk grooves with Jazz flavor. Influenced by the sounds of Stanley Clarke, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Mint Condition, Teddy Riley, Brian McKnight, J. Moss, and Timbaland, we are bringing a new soulful flavor to the genre of Smooth Jazz, also known as smoovejazz... | garageband/smoovejazz

Randy Coleman: Last Salutation

It’s the year 2005, and with it brings one of the most compelling albums in recent history. The debut solo-effort from singer-songwriter Randy Coleman titled “Last Salutation” captures the history of a life that is continually being written and re-written. And so the story goes: weiter... | garageband/randycoleman | myspace/randycoleman | Randy Coleman - Last Salutation - last salutation

André Müller: Visions

Vakuum-Sounds aka André Müller was born in 1978 in Schwerin, Germany. In 2001, he started his JustforFun Music with a good friend. On the weekends they got together in a small house and worked on music together. André discovered how deep Music can be. In 2003 he started his solo project Vakuum Sounds and is currently working on an album for Native State Records to be released in 2007. His sound is soulful, minimal, hypnotic, dubby and graced with deep and beautiful chords. And he wants to go deeper... | myspace/vakuumsounds

Stay tuned.

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  1. brithombar sagt:

    ...und wieder ein sehr schöner Cast, klasse! Guillermo Cides am Stick kannte ich selbst als unverzagter Fish-Fan nicht, ein angenehm wenig Poserlastiges Stück Instrumentalmusik auf einem großartig klingenden Instrument (selbst der Choruseffekt klingt dick). Andre Müller entspannt sehr smooth, wo solls denn da noch tiefer hingehen?

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